NEWS UPDATE ILLINOIS: ILLINOIS NEWS-ASHMORE -- The owner of a haunted attraction got his own scare this week. Ashmore Estates, in in Coles County, is famous for its ghost stories. People have been paying to get scared for six years now, but Tuesday's storms destroyed the building.  Ashmore Estates used to be a home for the disabled. It has been featured on cable channels as a paranormal hot spot. Many experts aren't ready to see it go. That's why two filmmakers are stepping in to help.   "You get to experience fear without having to worry about actually getting hurt," said Scott Kelley, owner of the estates.   It's a place many have gone for a scary, good time, but right now, it's in pieces.  "I'm in a whole lot better shape today than I was yesterday," said Kelley.        Reportedly, 200 people died in the building in the 50's. People believe it's haunted. So Kelley bought it in 2006 and opened it to the public.  "We build sets and we run for a month or so in October and we scare people and people pay us to do that," said Kelley.           This place is more than just an attraction. There have been almost 70 paranormal investigations performed on it. Now it's spread almost a quarter mile through town. That doesn't mean the haunts have to end.   "The outpouring of support that we have received is phenomenal," said Kelley.  He's talking about the Booth brothers who visited Ashmore Estates in 2008. They used the building for a documentary called "Children of the Grave II." Now the duo is donating part of the movie's profits to the rebuilding effort. They're also asking for support on their website.  "It's amazing the love people have for this building," said Kelley.  And severe storms won't change that.  Kelley says clean up efforts with start either Friday or Saturday. To volunteer, click https://www.facebook.com/TheSpookmeister?ref=ts&fref=ts. To donate, click www.spookedtv.com

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